Easy DIY Maternity Skirt

This is an easy sewing project for a beginner sewer. I’ve recently taken up sewing and enjoyed making 2 maternity skirts for this pregnancy. I wear skirts every day, and in my experience it’s been hard to find long maternity skirts, especially winter ones. I’ve found lots of skirts to work well for maternity in the summer. All you really need is a nice skirt with an elastic or drawstring waste-band and you can just wear it under the bump. But in the winter it’s harder to find maternity skirts. Most regular skirts won’t work because they don’t have adjustable waste bands. In maternity stores, there is a very small selection of skirts in the winter, and they’re usually really expensive. So, I made some myself.  The one on the left is a casual skirt and the one on the right is more dressy.

IMG_7666 IMG_7667

These are really easy to make because you use the top part of an already made piece of maternity clothing.

You will need:

1. A pair of maternity pants or mini-skirt

2. Fabric of your choice (about 2 metres)

At my local thrift store there’s usually lots of maternity pants and also some maternity mini-skirts. It’s the long winter maternity skirts that are hard to find. For the skirt on the left I used the top part of a denim maternity mini-skirt. For the skirt on the right I used the top of a pair of black maternity pants. This way the waist of your skirt with a maternity band is already pre-made for you.


For the denim/grey skirt I found the grey corduroy fabric at the thrift store. I specifically wanted a warmer fabric for winter and found 2.3 metres of grey corduroy for only $2.50. The denim mini skirt was $5 so altogether this skirt was less than $10 to make. A lot cheaper than at a maternity store and a lot cheaper than ordering online from a maternity boutique. For the black skirt I also found the black pants at the thrift store but I found my black fabric at the fabric store in their clearance section. It is actually a type of “suit” fabric with vertical pinstripes so it is more dressy.

So, here are the steps to make these skirts:

1. Cut off the top part of your pant or miniskirt at the length where you want it. You can cut it off right below the maternity waste-band, or if you want it to be a bit longer and have some contrast with your other fabric then you can cut it several inches below the maternity band.

2. Measure the circumference of the bottom of your cut-off pants/skirt. Mine measured 42 inches. Add 2 inches for a generous seam allowance (44 inches). This is measurment “A”. (If you’re a newbie like me, you want a generous seam allowance for mistakes…always better to have a little too much fabric than not enough!)

3. Now you’ll want to find out how much length you need to add on. To do this, put the cut-off skirt/pants on yourself and measure from the part it is cut off to the length that you want it to be (mid-calf, ankle, etc). My measurement was 26 inches. Add 2 inches for hem and seam allowance (28 inches). This is measurement “B”.

4. Now you’ll want to decide how full you’ll want the bottom of your skirt to be. For this part, I picked a skirt from my closet that I liked and measured the bottom circumference of the skirt. It was 70 inches. I like my skirts full and roomy. Add 2 inches for a general seam allowance (72). This is measurement “C”.

5. Next, you’ll want to lay out your fabric on the floor and draw your skirt panels. I made mine really simply and just did 2 panels. You can do more panels if you like, and adjust your measurements accordingly.

6. To draw your skirt panels, you want to start with a straight line going down what will be the middle of the panel. It should be the length of measurement B.

7. Since each panel is half the skirt, you want the top horizontal line to be half of measurement A and the bottom horizontal line (the hem) to be half of measurement C.

8. Here is a little diagram I drew on paper to illustrate a panel. You would make 2 panels that are exactly the same. The line down the middle helps to divide the top side and bottom side evenly so that you have your diagonal lines at the proper angles.


9. Cut out your two panels.

10. Sew together the two sides.

11. Pin the top part of your panels to the bottom of  your cut-off skirt/pants. Now sew them together.

12. Hem the bottom of your skirt with a double-hem.

Here is what the skirts look like on me, when I’m 37 weeks pregnant:

IMG_7682 IMG_7681

IMG_7686 IMG_7685

When I first finished the black skirt, it was actually not long enough for me, it was at that awkward length above the ankles where it looks like it’s made for a petite person. So, I added a ruffle to the bottom.


If I were to make it again, I would’ve added more fabric to the ruffle horizontally so that it’s more ruffly. Now I know for next time.

There it is, an inexpensive way to make easy maternity skirts!


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