Our Second Busy Bag Exchange

In March last year my friends and I did a busy bag exchange. We’ve enjoyed using our busy bags with our little ones for quiet play at home and to keep them quietly busy at church. Well, now it was time to add some more busy bags into our collection. We went along with the same guidelines as last time. We wanted the busy bag activity to be contained in a ziploc bag, to be non-messy so we can take them along to places and of course to be appealing to our children. There are 5 of us in on this so we made 5 of the same busy bag that we then exchanged with each other when we got together.

Here are the busy bags that we made:

S made two busy bags. The first one was a magnetic dry-erase board with foam magnet shapes.


The second one was buttons and string. This could be to practice lacing buttons, but Mr. Monkey also enjoyed using it to sort the buttons by colours and shapes as well as to practice counting the buttons.


J made worm pick-up. It’s a fine motor activity. The goal is to try and pick up the “worms” off the “grass” using the clothes pin.


C put together a set of squares made from foam and felt and alphabet stickers. You can re-stick the stickers on the squares and try matching upper case with lower case letters.


D made felt rings. The rings stick together with velcro on the ends and can be put together to make a colourful chain.


I made a pre-printing activity with Wikki Stix. You can manipulate the Wikki Stix to make the shapes or letters on the laminated cards. Wikki Stix were a popular manipulative when I was teaching in elementary school.


For our busy bag exchange day, we rented a gymnasium for a couple hours. We brought ride on toys and balls as well as snacks. The children had lots of fun playing in the gym, and we had fun too!


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