Making Room for Baby

Recently, we’ve switched up the furniture in our master bedroom. Baby is due in early February, and we decided that for the beginning, we would like to keep baby in our room next to our bed, for hopefully a year. Then we can move baby to Mr. Monkey’s room.

There was a problem, however. The furniture in our room was too big and there simply was no room for a crib, playpen or bassinet next to our bed. Even if we were to put a small bassinet next to our bed, there wouldn’t be much room to step around it.


So, we sold our solid-oak furniture set (which we bought used after we got married), and looked for something else.

Before, we had a large dresser and large headboard/night table towers.

IMG_7439    IMG_7435

This was just too space-consuming.

Now, we have 2 chest of drawers that are taller than a dresser but take up less floor space, as well as a smaller headboard.

IMG_7456  IMG_7454


Our room looks so much more spacious now and we have room beside the bed to put a playpen. It even looks brighter because our old headboard was so high that it covered part of the window. Hopefully the baby will be able to stay in the playpen for the first year. Since I’m planning to breastfeed, I like the idea of having baby right next to me at night and not having to get up and go to another room to nurse.



Although our new furniture is of lesser quality than our old furniture, it fits our needs a lot better right now. I also found another added benefit to the chest of drawers instead of a dresser is that my toddler can’t reach my things on top.

We also got a little cube shelf to keep baby’s clothes, diapers and blankets since we will be sharing the room. And amazingly, it all fits in the room without looking too cluttered.



It was fun to re-furnish our room. And we were able to find the furniture very cheaply on the Home Depot website. I didn’t even know that Home Depot sells furniture. They don’t have it in their stores, but you can but it online and it was free delivery. Also, the money we got for selling the better quality used furniture was able to cover the cheaper new furniture, so it wasn’t expensive to re-furnish our room.

I’ve also been going through an organizing craze during this time, and I wonder if it’s the nesting urge. It seems a little early to feel that, but I figure I might as well be prepared well in advance.


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