Cowboy Birthday Party.

Back in the spring, Mr. Monkey turned 2! I kind of  like the idea of themed birthday parties. I know it may seem shallow to put a lot of effort into decorating and coordinating a brithday for a toddler that’s all matching along a theme. But it’s kind of fun and something I enjoy. I actually admit that before I was a mom I used to think it was silly to do this, because after all, the kid doesn’t even remember it, right? Those moms are just doing it for themselves, right? So I’m a little hesitant about posting this…don’t judge me 🙂

Anyways, Mr. Monkey’s first birthday party was an airplane theme, as 4 days after his birthday we embarked as a family on a big plane and flew all the way to Poland to visit my home country. For his second birthday I chose a cowboy theme. Mr. Monkey likes horses and living out here in the prairies often makes me think of pioneers and wonder what it was like for those first settlers who came out west to start their new life here.

Here are some highlights from the cowboy party:

A photo booth area was set up so guests could take their picture in a “wild west” setting. There were cowboy hats to put on, fake moustaches and bandanas. I painted the backdrop, and a friend of ours let us borrow their riding toy horse.


We had fun taking photos before guests arrived, and our guests had fun with the photo booth too.

For decoration, I found some bandanas at the dollar store and scrapbooking paper that looked like bandanas at Michaels. I also found tin pails at the dollar store and a burlap sack to use as a table cloth at a farm supply store. It wasn’t expensive to decorate.


The juice station was “the watering hole”, and our bathroom was labelled as “the outhouse”.


These were the snacks on the food table.


For the cake, I just decorated it with sprinkles and used little wild west figurines to make a cowboy scene.

IMG_7080For lunch we had sloppy Joes! I thought that sounded like something a cowboy would eat. 🙂  It was also easy to prepare for several people, and kid-friendly.


We also had some games. Here the kids are playing horse-shoe toss. I just used wooden dowels in the ground for the target. I cut out horse-shoe shapes out of cardboard and wrapped them in duct tape to make simple horseshoes for the game.


Our other game was “panning for gold”. Using pie plates that had holes in them the kids got to look for “gold” in the sandbox. The “gold” was little gem stones from the dollar store.

At the end there were presents, and slowly his friends left. This left Mr. Monkey tired and ready for a nap. During which time his mommy cleaned up.


As party favors, I found some cute gardening tools at Target and little boxes of flower seeds to give the kids. Not really a cowboy theme exactly, but it was May and planting time was coming.

So that was our cowboy birthday party.

I probably wouldn’t do a theme party for every birthday, because it takes a lot of time to plan ahead. But it’s fun if you’re feeling up for it and have a certain theme in mind.


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