Redeeming Adoption

With the staggering high numbers of abortions that happen in this country, it makes me wonder why adoption is so infrequent compared to abortion. There are plenty of couples who would love to adopt a child and provide a good home. Domestic adoption procedures here usually take a long time and involve a lot of red tape. Why are there so many unwanted pregnancies, but so few babies given up for adoption? ultrasound I was discussing this with some of my girlfriends, and my one friend mentioned how unfortunate it is that there is a bad stigma of giving up your child for adoption. In our society, if a woman is pregnant, and she were to tell people that she is planning on giving up the child for adoption, she could be negatively judged, and made to feel like a bad mother or person. Yet, ironically, our secular society has no problem with abortion, which is actually terminating the life of the unborn child. We should redeem adoption in our culture. Unfortunately, due to the fallen world that we live in, there are many pregnant women who for various reasons don’t feel like they are ready to be parents. Whether it’s because they made a mistake about having sex, or whether they were raped, or whatever other reason. I think it would it be so much better if a woman in that situation felt respected for her choice to give up her baby for adoption. She should be respected for choosing adoption, because it would mean that she is mature enough to realise that she isn’t ready to be a parent, but that she loves her baby enough to give her baby hope for a better life. She should be respected that she is choosing life. She she should be respected that she is choosing not to have here unborn baby sucked out of her womb and thrown away. pregnancyIt is a warped mentality in our culture to make abortion seem OK, and make women feel guilty if they were to give their baby up for adoption into a loving family that wants a child. And speaking of guilt, what most women aren’t told about abortion is the terrible guilt that usually accompanies it. How can we redeem adoption? How can we change the attitude that our society has towards women who give up their baby for adoption?  I wish I knew how. All we can do is have the right attitude, and share a positive view on adoption with others. Maybe our encouraging words and conversations with other women will help spread such a view of adoption. We never know who is secretly pregnant and scared. We can be that encouraging friend that can save a life.


4 thoughts on “Redeeming Adoption

  1. I want to clarify that of course, ideally, women in a difficult situation like this should ideally find support and help to be able to raise their children. Realistically though, there are and will be situations where some women just aren’t ready to be parents, and that’s what this article is about.

  2. I wish there was more financial support for those who want to do adoption, especially international adoption. The US offers tax breaks and grants but Canada doesn’t. I’d love to do an international adoption, but we’d never be able to afford the $20K prince tag.

      • Yes, that is too bad that it’s so expensive to adopt internationally. And many countries have orphans but don’t even allow international adoptions. When we were in Costa Rica, we visited an orphanage. We were told that non-Costa Ricans can’t adopt. And they are suspicious of Americans trying to adopt children because they think they’ll sell them in human trafficking. Sadly,that must have happened in the past.

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