Learning about plants.

I am thankful to say that we have a lovely, cozy fellowship where I live. There’s several young families with little ones and stay-at-home moms. Recently, one friend of mine has organized get-togethers called “Way-To-Go Wedensdays”. Every other Wednesday, we get together at someone’s house and the mommy there plans an activity and snack for the little ones. It is so much fun to see our children play together, and an enjoyable time out for the mommies to get together and visit. Today was one such Wednesday. 

My friend, S, who organizes these get-togethers was hosting at her house today. It was a gorgeous day, with sunshine and warm weather, a day where it actually got HOT outside. This was soooo welcome after our long, cold winter.

We met at S’s house today and the theme was plants.

First, the toddlers got to see some seeds. Then S presented them with some sensory buckets of dried beans, oats, and popcorn. They got to touch them and explore them. She then read them a story about how God made plants and how they grow from seeds. The children got to play with the sensory buckets while they sat and listened to the story. 



Next, they got to plant a strawberry plant. Here we are, putting soil into empty milk jugs. 




And a strawberry plant inside, voilà! You can hang these in your yard and watch them grow. I think this is such a neat idea. I want to make more of these at home. It’ll be so much fun, and a good learning experience for Mr. Monkey to get to water the plants, see them grow and produce fruit. 



Now that the planting was done, the children got to eat some strawberries as a snack. What a good idea.



The rest of the morning was free playtime outside while the mommies visited together. 



It was a lovely morning!


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