Cloth Tissues

Oh dear, it looks like I’ve abandoned this blog! It reminds me of when I used to keep a journal as a teenager. I would go through phases of writing several entries, and then periods of not writing at all. I hope I’ll be more consistent with the blog. It’s just been a busy month. There was Passover with all its busyness and then we all got a cold and then Mr. Monkey’s second birthday came along. And more recently, we’ve entered the wonderful world of potty training. 

But that’s not the topic for this post. Nope, I’m just going to share a quirky little thing we’ve tried. So, as I’ve mentioned we all had a cold. With that, came the increased frequency of tissue use in our household. 

Enter the cloth tissue. This is a cloth tissue that my mom has kept around from way back since we lived in Poland under the Iron Curtain.  Isn’t it cute? (excuse the low-quality photos, they were taken with the phone).



So, I saw this tutorial, and it inspired me to make some of my own cloth tissues. 

First, I made some out of flannel. I actually used a receiving blanket as my fabric. 



And then I made some out of regular fabric:



I actually prefer the non-flannel variety over the flannel ones, but I find both types of cloth tissues to be better than the disposable variety, and this is why:

The cloth tissues last longer than disposable ones because I find that when you use disposable ones, you blow your nose once, or wipe sticky fingers once, and that’s it, the tissue forms into a little ball of mush. The cloth ones aren’t like that.

The cloth tissues also feel nicer on sore runny noses.

They save you some money, because once you make a set, you don’t have to keep running to the store buying more tissues.

They’re better for the environment for obvious reasons, 

And they’re cuter. 

So far I only have 18 made, which lasts us fine on normal days, but it probably won’t be enough during a cold. Sometime I’d like to go to the fabric store and pick out some nice fabrics to make some more. You could make one with kid-friendly prints, or feminine pretty ones, or ones to go with a particular colour scheme, it can be fun. 

For washing, I just throw them in with my regular wash. I mean, as a mom, I already get sticky fingers and runny nose stuff on me, so I don’t think it’s much messier than regular laundry. 

What do you think? Do you think cloth tissues are gross or fun? 



2 thoughts on “Cloth Tissues

  1. I have some very pretty “hankies” from my grandmother that I want to turn into feature squares and make a quilt out of them. Funny how something that was the only option in my grandmothers time becomes the subject of a blog, something old becomes new again!!!

  2. I think that’s a great idea! But I suck the snot out of my kid’s nose so maybe I’m a little biased. You’ve inspired me to maybe make my own.
    PS i don’t know if you have a fabricland membership but if you don’t i do and you’re welcome to take advantage of that.

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