Redeeming Adoption

With the staggering high numbers of abortions that happen in this country, it makes me wonder why adoption is so infrequent compared to abortion. There are plenty of couples who would love to adopt a child and provide a good home. Domestic adoption procedures here usually take a long time and involve a lot of red tape. Why are there so many unwanted pregnancies, but so few babies given up for adoption? ultrasound I was discussing this with some of my girlfriends, and my one friend mentioned how unfortunate it is that there is a bad stigma of giving up your child for adoption. In our society, if a woman is pregnant, and she were to tell people that she is planning on giving up the child for adoption, she could be negatively judged, and made to feel like a bad mother or person. Yet, ironically, our secular society has no problem with abortion, which is actually terminating the life of the unborn child. We should redeem adoption in our culture. Unfortunately, due to the fallen world that we live in, there are many pregnant women who for various reasons don’t feel like they are ready to be parents. Whether it’s because they made a mistake about having sex, or whether they were raped, or whatever other reason. I think it would it be so much better if a woman in that situation felt respected for her choice to give up her baby for adoption. She should be respected for choosing adoption, because it would mean that she is mature enough to realise that she isn’t ready to be a parent, but that she loves her baby enough to give her baby hope for a better life. She should be respected that she is choosing life. She she should be respected that she is choosing not to have here unborn baby sucked out of her womb and thrown away. pregnancyIt is a warped mentality in our culture to make abortion seem OK, and make women feel guilty if they were to give their baby up for adoption into a loving family that wants a child. And speaking of guilt, what most women aren’t told about abortion is the terrible guilt that usually accompanies it. How can we redeem adoption? How can we change the attitude that our society has towards women who give up their baby for adoption?  I wish I knew how. All we can do is have the right attitude, and share a positive view on adoption with others. Maybe our encouraging words and conversations with other women will help spread such a view of adoption. We never know who is secretly pregnant and scared. We can be that encouraging friend that can save a life.


Learning about plants.

I am thankful to say that we have a lovely, cozy fellowship where I live. There’s several young families with little ones and stay-at-home moms. Recently, one friend of mine has organized get-togethers called “Way-To-Go Wedensdays”. Every other Wednesday, we get together at someone’s house and the mommy there plans an activity and snack for the little ones. It is so much fun to see our children play together, and an enjoyable time out for the mommies to get together and visit. Today was one such Wednesday. 

My friend, S, who organizes these get-togethers was hosting at her house today. It was a gorgeous day, with sunshine and warm weather, a day where it actually got HOT outside. This was soooo welcome after our long, cold winter.

We met at S’s house today and the theme was plants.

First, the toddlers got to see some seeds. Then S presented them with some sensory buckets of dried beans, oats, and popcorn. They got to touch them and explore them. She then read them a story about how God made plants and how they grow from seeds. The children got to play with the sensory buckets while they sat and listened to the story. 



Next, they got to plant a strawberry plant. Here we are, putting soil into empty milk jugs. 




And a strawberry plant inside, voilà! You can hang these in your yard and watch them grow. I think this is such a neat idea. I want to make more of these at home. It’ll be so much fun, and a good learning experience for Mr. Monkey to get to water the plants, see them grow and produce fruit. 



Now that the planting was done, the children got to eat some strawberries as a snack. What a good idea.



The rest of the morning was free playtime outside while the mommies visited together. 



It was a lovely morning!

About books, and why Robert Munsch is banned from our home.

Enough of those nice blog posts. Let’s talk about something controversial today.

I know you might disagree with me, and that’s OK.

Since I was a teacher before I became a stay-at-home mom, I really believe that reading is important, and that it’s important to surround my children with, among other things, a variety of good books from which they can learn, and which they can enjoy.

Mr. Monkey is at that in-between stage where he is past the baby board books, but not quite ready for paper books with full stories. He recently received these books for his birthday: Little Blue Truck, and the much loved classic The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We really enjoy reading these because they are still board books, yet they have more of a story line to them, than just pictures with words together.

Anyways, I have a couple boxes downstairs where I’m collecting books for Mr.Monkey as he gets older. Since we want to homeschool, I want to make sure that he has plenty of reading material here at home. So, when I’m at thrift stores, garage sales, and such, I like to look through the childrens books and pick out some good ones.

Since my husband and I are believers in Yeshua (Jesus), one of our most important goals in life is to raise children that will follow God’s ways, and not the ways of the world. For that reason, we want to make careful choices about what kind of entertainment and literature we enjoy, and allow our children to enjoy.

We have to be careful. Some children’s books are innocent and fun, and some teach them good moral lessons. Others teach about nature or science, and yet others have an agenda behind them which is not aligned with God’s word.

Some obvious choices of books we don’t allow into our home are books about the occult. We are children of light, and not of darkness, therefor, books about ghosts, witches or vampires are obviously out of the picture. I also don’t like books that portray disobedience to parents as something that’s OK, and books which show parents as being dumb and out of the loop, while the kids are smart and witty. We have enough trouble with rebellion in this world. I want my children to read stories that strengthen their faith and build their character. See the fifth commandment.

This brings me to my problem with Rubert Munsch. I know that it may upset some people, as he is a dearly beloved children’s author. And I get it. I grew up public schooled and read or heard many of Munsch’s stories. I enjoyed them as a child. They’re funny. But, as I grew older, I realised more and more a common theme among his books that wasn’t so Godly. I found that a lot of his stories are in essence about children who are disobedient and get away with it. The disobedience isn’t even portrayed as something wrong, but as something funny, or even normal. It might not seem a big deal, but I believe that we have to be extremely vigilant about what we allow to influence our children’s minds. Obedience to parents is one of the Ten Commandments. In 2 Timothy 3, Paul even warns us that in the latter times, disobedience to parents will be common, along with other sins. It’s not really a laughing matter. It’s not something I want to encourage, or present as normal and acceptable.

Here are just a few of Robert Munsch’s stories where disobedience is presented as acceptable:

Mortimer: A little boy is told to go to bed. He makes lots of noise in his room. His parents tell him to be quiet. He makes more noise. His parents find more impactful ways of telling him to be quiet. He keeps increasing his noise. (Um, I don’t want my kids to be like that when they go to bed…)

Up, up, Down: A little girl gets into various climbing mishaps. She is told by her mom not to climb. She doesn’t listen and her parents end up looking stupid.

The Snowsuit: A little boy willfully refuses to be dressed in his snowsuit. His disobedience is portrayed as funny.

Purple, Green, and Yellow: A little girl disobeys her mother by colouring on herself with permanent marker.

There’s really a lot more, and I’m not going to make a long list, but you get the idea. Now, I know that children are naturally inclined to have their own way, and every child is disobedient at times. However, it’s the concept of teaching that disobedience is OK, or that it’s acceptable, not big deal, or even funny, that I dislike. We want to instill in our children the concept that our actions, whether good or bad, have real consequences. Sin (disobedience to God) has consequences. While we as parents want to emulate God by being loving and merciful, we also want to teach them to be upright and to make good choices.


Cloth Tissues

Oh dear, it looks like I’ve abandoned this blog! It reminds me of when I used to keep a journal as a teenager. I would go through phases of writing several entries, and then periods of not writing at all. I hope I’ll be more consistent with the blog. It’s just been a busy month. There was Passover with all its busyness and then we all got a cold and then Mr. Monkey’s second birthday came along. And more recently, we’ve entered the wonderful world of potty training. 

But that’s not the topic for this post. Nope, I’m just going to share a quirky little thing we’ve tried. So, as I’ve mentioned we all had a cold. With that, came the increased frequency of tissue use in our household. 

Enter the cloth tissue. This is a cloth tissue that my mom has kept around from way back since we lived in Poland under the Iron Curtain.  Isn’t it cute? (excuse the low-quality photos, they were taken with the phone).



So, I saw this tutorial, and it inspired me to make some of my own cloth tissues. 

First, I made some out of flannel. I actually used a receiving blanket as my fabric. 



And then I made some out of regular fabric:



I actually prefer the non-flannel variety over the flannel ones, but I find both types of cloth tissues to be better than the disposable variety, and this is why:

The cloth tissues last longer than disposable ones because I find that when you use disposable ones, you blow your nose once, or wipe sticky fingers once, and that’s it, the tissue forms into a little ball of mush. The cloth ones aren’t like that.

The cloth tissues also feel nicer on sore runny noses.

They save you some money, because once you make a set, you don’t have to keep running to the store buying more tissues.

They’re better for the environment for obvious reasons, 

And they’re cuter. 

So far I only have 18 made, which lasts us fine on normal days, but it probably won’t be enough during a cold. Sometime I’d like to go to the fabric store and pick out some nice fabrics to make some more. You could make one with kid-friendly prints, or feminine pretty ones, or ones to go with a particular colour scheme, it can be fun. 

For washing, I just throw them in with my regular wash. I mean, as a mom, I already get sticky fingers and runny nose stuff on me, so I don’t think it’s much messier than regular laundry. 

What do you think? Do you think cloth tissues are gross or fun?